The best speech to text Discord bot!

Have a hearing-impaired friend? Want to be able to moderate voice chats as easily as text chats? No matter your reason, Scripty comes to the rescue! Set it up once and forget about it forever. The bot will sit quietly and transcript all of your conversations without having to do anything else. For free. Forever.

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The bot's written in Rust for a very speedy experience.

Open source

Everything is open source, from the bot to the speech to text software.

Community run

With a public voice dataset, the bot is the best it can be thanks to the work of thousands of people.

Easy to use

Set it up once and it'll just work. Forever.


Free to use. If you really like it, consider helping out by donating.


Absolutely no logs are kept. What happens in voice chat, stays in your server. If you don't believe so, check out the source code.

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